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Vowsmith custom engagement and wedding rings


Vowsmith | Apr 3, 2018 2:45:46 PM

There are only a few days left until February 14, Valentine's day. Are you really determined to propose? If so, let's make sure together that your better half says yes!

Here are few mistakes to avoid if you want your marriage proposal to run smoothly.

Go easy on the food

An engagement ring hidden in her favourite dessert or a glass of champagne, that works... sometimes! If you do decide to go with the food option, make sure that the ring is clearly visible, and not hidden inside a cupcake that could be swallowed in a single bite. If not, at least make sure you know Heimlich first aid method. 

bague de fiançailles personnalisée

Go easy on the booze

Are you the stressed-out type and a drink helps you relax? That is fine. But make sure not to overdo it, especially if you plan on popping the question later that evening. Wiggly knees that barely support you, a Jack Daniels-breath and a "Baby, let's get hitched" are not very charming. That is, unless you intend on becoming the central character in the funny anecdote your partner will have the delight of telling for the next 50 years whenever someone asks how you proposed.    

Holding each other's hair above the toilet bowl is a romantic activity on the third date, not during a marriage proposal. 

demande en mariage personnalisées

Avoid going overboard, you can't control everything

Have you planned a complex proposal, with a detailed schedule of the 26 places you will visit and an elaborate choreography with 30 dancers? The more elements are involved in your marriage proposal, the greater the risk of contingencies. An incident, a never-ending meal, a missed train, a cancelled show, etc. Often, the simpler the better. Asking someone to marry you is in itself something very special. If you absolutely want to be original, choose a single element that is out of the ordinary and focus on it. 


Make sure the answer will be yes

We're joking, but no kidding! It's important to have the discussion as a couple before the engagement, to start talking about marriage and your future. The most grandiose of marriage proposals, right in the middle of a public square can quickly turn sour if your darling is not yet ready to say yes.

demande en mariage originale

Avoid preparing a proposal that does not fit with your personality

You are feeling adventurous and suddenly want to go hiking in the mountains. The only thing is, you've never done it as a couple before. Never. There may be some misunderstanding on the part of your loved one, and maybe even reluctance. Stay in your own universe. You'll both feel more comfortable.

demande en mariage en nature

Leave social media aside

Announcing one's engagement is a happy and important moment for a couple. But before you shout it out on the rooftops, make the most of the moment. Enjoy the novelty together and share the news with your loved ones—family and close friends. Your 637 Facebook friends can wait. Your 879 Instagram followers too.

demande en mariage médias sociaux

Don't bet on Mother Nature

If you're planning an outdoor getaway, be sure to also prepare a plan B. It's impossible to control the weather, and you can never be safe from torrential downpour or a snowstorm. A romantic carriage ride can quickly turn to disaster if it is -35 °C on Valentine's Day! Better keep your hands warm.

erreurs demande en mariage


Already engaged? Make the most of Valentine's Day and customize your wedding rings.
Do it now and you will receive your rings before February 14. A special attention that will allow you to relish the happiness of your upcoming marriage—the most romantic day of the year!

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