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Vowsmith custom engagement and wedding rings


Vowsmith | Jun 18, 2018 4:39:49 PM

We have the opportunity and privilege to meet couples with inspiring and unique love stories on a daily basis. However, some we find more touching than others. Today, we present a candid glimpse and magical story of two soul mates, Angela, 47 and Robert, 48 whom we worked with to create their custom wedding rings.

custom wedding bands

Forever partners, these two individuals were destined for happiness since adolescence. Let us tell you their beautiful story, a great example of a love that can overcome anything; timeless and limitless despite the obstacles and setbacks!


1983, an unforgettable summer

Angela and Robbie met in 1983 (the year Angela gave her true love Robert his nickname) in Otter Lake, a small town in Pontiac in the Outaouais region where Robert lived with his parents. Angela was born there but grew up elsewhere. At that time, they were 13 and 14 years old, respectively.


Angela was there visiting her grandparents when she saw Robert for the first time. She distinctly remembers the moment she saw him, her eyes still sparkling: “My heart skipped a beat the second I saw this tall, dark-haired man with blue-green eyes.” What she didn’t know at the time was that she had also taken Robert’s breath away when he saw that sweet brunette with brown hair and blue-green eyes. “It was love at first sight, the one that makes your whole adolescent being vibrate. I had found him … the love of my life!”

Robert couldn’t believe his eyes either. Despite how young they were, the sweethearts were about to savour a pure love, one that most people never experience. Looking back, Angela realizes that respect was the very foundation of their relationship.

“We were in love, young, beautiful, and respectful.”


Adolescence and heartbreak

Hand in hand and hearts beating as one, the couple experienced the most wonderful years of their teenage lives. They dated for four consecutive summers. At the end of every summer, going home was so heartbreaking for Angela. The lovers would have to say goodbye and begin a new school year every fall, miles apart and with the freedom to meet and date other people. The summer of 1987 ended in a foolish argument between Robert and Angela.

wedding bands

With the distance, their love gently drifted like leaves in the autumn breeze.

“I thought I would die, I swear. But no, we survive,” Angela continues.

Time went by and they carried on with their respective lives. Angela married in 1997 and Robert in 2001. Both admit to having been unhappy in their marriages.

One evening in 2007, Angela received a private message on Facebook from Robert. He asked if she was the Angela that visited Otter Lake every summer when they were teenagers. She replied yes, and they became Facebook friends, no more.


An incredible reunion

custome wedding bands

 In 2015, 28 years later, Angela and Robert meet face to face, and naturally pick up where they left off years ago. “At 13 and 14 years old, we already knew we were made for each other. Nothing had changed,” recalls Angela,

The two lovers officially become a couple again on July 14, 2015. With not one minute to lose, they are engaged on January 7, 2016.




The proposal

When we asked about how Robert had proposed, Angela couldn’t help but laugh. In fact, there was no proposal and Angela often teases Robert reminding him that he never officially proposed.

wedding bands with fingerprintsMore seriously, the lovebirds tell us that the subject of marriage never really came up. It was clear as soon as they met again that they would marry the moment their divorces were finalized. They separated in 2015 and divorced from their first marriage in 2016 before tying the knot once and for all in 2017.


They had a civil ceremony at the courthouse in Hull on October 21, 2017. To mark the occasion, the newlyweds invited guests to share a meal at a restaurant. The event was topped off with a night of dancing. Just like their pure and true love, their wedding was very simple: a hall decorated with fall colours, dried flowers, branches, and handmade centrepieces on the tables.


As if the end of their story had already been written, Angela and Robert’s paths had finally crossed again. Separating is out of the question!


Choosing the wedding bands

 IMG_0197 (1)

Angela and Robert wanted to stand out with their choice of wedding bands, a symbol of their undying and timeless love. Robert made a few sketches that they gave to our team.

“The Vowsmith team did a remarkable job. We are still in awe over how they met every one of our expectations, what we had imagined, and much more. Our wedding bands truly represent us,” explains Angela, visibly delighted.

They had Firehouse’s Love of a Lifetime engraved on their rings. Almost prophetic, this was the song the couple first danced to. They also included their wedding date. The two engraved hearts represent the newlyweds, and within those hearts, their respective middle fingerprints.

Robert’s daughter’s signatures appear inside the ring as well as their middle fingerprints: Alexandra, Zoey, and in the centre, Kendra, represented by a tiny ladybug instead of her fingerprint to remember Robert’s youngest daughter who passed away when she was six. Every time they look at their rings, they are reminded of their family’s love and unity.

“We wear our rings every day. For us, it means we are always together even when we’re apart.”

 wedding rings with dates and fingerprints


The couple will celebrate their first wedding anniversary next October 21. They certainly won’t forget to highlight this special day, intimately this time, just the two of them.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness and that every day be cradled with love!


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