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Vowsmith custom engagement and wedding rings


Vowsmith | Jun 19, 2018 5:25:41 PM

At Vowsmith, every love story is unique and that is why we believe that wedding rings should be a representation of the couple wearing them. We therefore offer future spouses a customization service to create personalized alliances that will meet their greatest expectations.

wedding bands with baby footprint

 You would like to write a message inside your ring, and are out of inspiration? Identifying the

elements that will adorn the rings you will be wearing every day is no small deal!

Learn how to customize your rings with Vowsmith

With the goal of helping you in the creation process of your rings, here are some suggestions and ideas for details that can be added to your rings.

Here are some of our team's favourites from the last few years:


wedding rings with fingerprints

1. The fingerprints of the newlyweds and their children

The ultimate customization! To immortalize their union with a jewel of superior quality, many couples are seduced by this original proposition. Nothing is more unique than fingerprints! To seal their destiny and their family unit, some even add their children's fingerprints—their descendants through which their love will live forever.




i love you engraved on wedding band

2. A handwritten love note by your significant other

Imagine being able to carry a small handwritten note by the woman or the man of your life, every day! With us, it's possible! We can reproduce an excerpt, a phrase or a handwritten love note from your loved one, directly on your ring.




3. Your children's signature

The engagement of two people who choose to live the rest of their lives together is a memorable moment in their own lives, but also in the lives of their loved ones. Children are always delighted to see their names appear in their parents' wedding rings. After all, they are also part of this beautiful love story!


date on wedding bands

4. The date you first met

Some wish to engrave the date of their first encounter on their rings so as to never forget that magical moment, when they met their significant other, the person with whom they wish to spend the rest of their life.


Discover the love story of Angela and Robert who met 25 years after being separated and how we immortalized their romantic narrative in their rings



wedding date on rings

5. Your wedding date

For the married couple, the date of their wedding will forever remain a special one. For the rest of their life, their ring will remind them of that fateful day when they both said yes.



handwritten note on wedding bands

6. A short story or a reference to

something shared by both of you

Customized wedding rings and common anecdotes always go hand in hand. Some couples choose

a personal reference that embodies their relationship, others choose a phrase or a word that they are the only ones to understand or that makes them

both laugh. In addition to representing them, it unites them through complicity and makes them smile every time they look at their ring.



7. An inspiring quote on love and happiness

Some sentences represent us so accurately, they seem to have been written for us. Many couples ask us to engrave a quote on love they find particularly touching. It often reminds them

of how lucky they are to have found love and happiness. Wearing it every day makes them happy.



8. The title of a memorable songsong title on wedding rings

The song you danced your first "slow" to, the one that played during your first kiss or even during the first dance at your wedding: The music has the wonderfu

l power to create magical moments and to revive them at each new listen. We are often asked to write the lyrics of a song or its title. It is a nice token of this happy and unforgettable moment in their lives.



children writing on wedding band


9. Children's drawings

Some couples ask us to duplicate a drawing made by their children on their ring. This hint of originality adds a lot of sentimental value to the ring. Only our advanced 3D printing technology can create this type of engraving and it is sure to exceed your expectations.



symbol on wedding band

10. A symbol

Although the wedding band itself represents fusion, unity, and eternity, we sometimes addspecific symbols on the rings, including the symbol of infinity, which is significant for many spouses. This symbol embodies the concept of the unlimited love that unites them.

In short, whatever your idea or project, know that you are only limited by your imagination!

Do you have an idea or concept that you would like to explore? Feel free to contact a member of our team to discuss the many options available.

Your wedding bands are a precious symbol of your union, so why not customize them and put your personality into it—they will become a lasting, unique souvenir!


Discover what YOUR perfect wedding rings would look like

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