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Vowsmith custom engagement and wedding rings


Vowsmith | Apr 3, 2018 2:52:25 PM

You can create a unique ring in just a few minutes with our online ring customization tool, no matter where you are in the world. 

This is probably the first time you will create a wedding ring from a website and we are aware that it can be worrisome. Our team is there to help and support you through every step of the process. You can easily reach us by chat, messenger or email, but the good old phone remains our favorite communication tool. We anticipate that there will be a personalized telephone appointment with one of our jewelry experts for each customer. During that appointment, we will answer all your questions, after which we will prepare your quote and your rings will be almost ready to be crafted!Bague Burr morphileDiscover what YOUR perfect wedding rings would look like

What do you need to create and customize a ring?

  1. Internet access from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. A phone camera.
  3. Here are the steps to follow to create wedding bands or engagement rings that will truly reflect who you are as a couple.
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1: Create an account on Vowsmith.com

Before you begin your customization process, you must create an account at 

the following address: personalize.vowsmith.com.

You can create an account in a few seconds by choosing the Facebook connection or by entering your email address.

Creating an account will allow you to save your custom ring templates and to reopen them from any device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Tip: Open a new tab and keep it open to be accompanied at each step. 

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Discover what YOUR perfect wedding rings would look like

2 : Choose the basic model for your creation

The homepage offers several basic models. Once selected, click Customize.

It is now the time to start creating your customized jewelry from the basic model. Several elements can be modified further on. For example, a woman's ring can easily become a man's ring by changing the width.


round ring rock final-13 : Enter the 3D Customizer 

This step is at the heart of Vowsmith's innovation.

Our 3D Customizer allows you to design your ring to your liking. You can:

  1. Add your loved one's fingerprints
  2. Change metals
  3. Add an engraved message
  4. Change the width
  5. Choose the number and type of diamonds (or other gemstones *)

Each of your adjustments is automatically and precisely portrayed on the 3D viewer, and the price of your creation is instantly updated.

* Several other options that do not appear in the customizer are available for your rings. If you think of something you would like to see on your ring, talk to our team and we will be happy to make your dream come true.

4. Save and name your design

Click on the heart-shaped button to save your creation in your list. You should give it a name that will allow you to easily find it. To make it easier for you to find your design in the future, we recommend that you give it a detailed and evocative name. After that, if you change your design, you can save the modifications by pressing the save button.

To return to your list, you can log on to our website personalize.vowsmith.com/saved-items from any device.Cart photo

Discover what YOUR perfect wedding rings would look like

5. Create as many versions of your rings as you want

To save a new version of a ring that has previously been saved, click on it in your My saved items list. Once you have entered the ring customizer, click Add to save item (heart-shaped button) and give it a different name. That's it! From there, you can easily create your spouse's ring based on your model for a matching set of customized bands that form a unique piece and that are representative of your love story!

The following steps relate to the different options of the 3D Customizer

Finger size

You don't know your finger size? Don't worry, you're perfectly normal! Very few people actually know their finger size. At this point in the customization process, you don't need to know your exact finger size. Once your ring is ordered, we will mail you a starter kit which contains everything you will need to accurately measure your finger size and take your fingerprints.


This feature allows you to adjust the width and style of your ring.

For reference purposes only, here are the standard ring widths for women and men:

  1. Women's ring: 4 mm
  2. Men's ring: 6 mm

You can also choose a style for your ring:

  1. The traditional style has slightly rounded edges. It's a classic!
  2. The contemporary style is flattened for a modern look.
  3. The vintage style, on the other hand, is even more rounded.


You have the choice of several alloys of yellow, white or pink gold. The karat represents the amount of pure gold in the alloy. Pure gold is said to be 24K. So 14K means 14 parts of gold out of 24 possible. More precisely, 10K gold is 41.6% pure, 14K is 58.3% pure and 18K is 75% pure. Naturally, the greatest impact of the karat's choice is on the price: the higher the karat, the higher the concentration of gold, and the higher the price. Other effects can be observed on colour or hardness. We recommend the 14K to our customers as it is a fair balance between quality and price.

We also offer platinum, the whitest metal available. The platinum used is 95% pure. Because it is a very pure alloy and its density is higher, the price of a platinum ring is higher than its gold equivalent.


The shiniest of stones. You can choose the number and size of diamonds. Your choices will be reflected in the price. We only work with very high quality diamonds, of colours F-G and clarity ratings VS or higher. Diamonds over 0.25 CT are delivered with a GIA traceability certificate. 


You can add your loved one’s fingerprint to your creation. It is a very intimate way of carrying a comforting reminder of your better half, everywhere you go. The fingerprints can also be those of your children to add a family dimension to your wedding bands. Our customers generally choose to exchange fingerprints on their rings.

The fingerprints can be engraved on the inside or around your ring.

At this point, you can see generic fingerprints on the rings. After you send your fingerprints, you will be able to view them on your customized rings!

Please note that your fingerprints will not instantly appear on the 3D Customizer. Our team needs to carry out several operations after the fingerprints have been received. You will receive an email as soon as they are added to your design. You can expect a delay of 2 working days.

Inside engraving

This feature allows you to write a word or a short inscription inside your ring in computer fonts. The text automatically appears in the 3D Customizer. We can also offer other fonts upon request.

Inside Handwriting

Engrave a handwritten love note in your loved one's ring— much more romantic than the computer font!

Steps to follow:

  1. You can write the note or word on a sheet of paper using a felt pen, or take a sweet love note that you have treasured for so many years...
  2. Send it to us along with your fingerprints and we will do our magic...


Ready to customize your rings? Go ahead!


 Discover what YOUR perfect wedding rings would look like

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