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Vowsmith | Jun 18, 2018 5:36:20 PM

With three months before the big day, you’re likely in one of the following states:

1. So disciplined from planning each step leading you to the altar that you could have single-handedly organized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in two hours.

2. You have bags under your eyes from all those sleepless nights on Pinterest (not so pretty, in which case, consult our inspiration boards ) and from bickering with your other half because a) you’d really appreciate it if they would finally decide on cupcake colour, and b) you’ve had it up to here with pondering every last detail for the most magical day of your life (one that had better be beautiful because there are limits to what a bride should have to plan, for goodness sake)!

Does the second scenario ring a bell? Rest assured, you are like most brides, who begin to panic a few months out with everything there is to plan.

Which is why, after having curated the ultimate guide to personalizing your wedding , we created a checklist to guide you on where you should normally be in your wedding planning three months before the ceremony.


Hall and caterer = booked

Certain spaces have to be booked more than a year in advance. If you still haven’t booked a location three months before the ceremony, you may want to consider using Uncle Bob’s charming back yard he had offered up early on. Joking aside, an open space decorated for the occasion can surely provide a nice setting to wed. As long as it’s pretty and romantic, why not?

By now, you should have chosen your caterer and are at the tasting stage where the chef proposes options for your approval.


Maid of honour and best man = they’ve accepted!

For some of you, you had decided on the wedding party minutes after the proposal when you shared the news with your closest friends. For others, choosing can be difficult, political even. Should you ask your sister-in-law to be your maid of honour to make your future husband happy even though your most recent interaction was an uncomfortable exchange in front of the last cocktail sausage at the 2008 Christmas party?

If you haven’t answered these questions a few weeks before the wedding, don’t delay! Especially if you’re hoping for a bachelorette or bachelor party.

You should also have chosen what these beautiful people will be wearing! Bridesmaid dresses often require adjustments. Even if you opt for matching dresses but different models, doing this a few weeks in advance will allow everyone to choose their perfect outfit (and get your opinion, as needed)!


Wedding dress alterations

Plan a few alteration dates with your seamstress a few weeks before the wedding to ensure your dress fits perfectly the day of. Feel free to book these visits early. Most weddings happen at the same time of year and last-minute availabilities are quite rare in sewing rooms and boutiques.

Remember that a number of seamstresses and designers will want to plan several meetings with you to try on the altered dress. There are always adjustments to make!


The groom’s suit

A bride rarely forgets to buy her dress; the groom, on the other hand, often picks his suit at the last minute!


Choosing the wedding bands

Many couples forget about their wedding bands and have to make a hasty choice. Aside from your photos, your wedding bands are the only tangible memory that will accompany you daily through your happily every after.

The rings are at once symbolic and intimate. You’ll want to enjoy them for decades to come. What should you consider when choosing your wedding bands? We provide answers to frequently asked questions about wedding rings under How to choose your wedding rings.

matching wedding bandsAt Vowsmith, we’ve taken wedding ring symbolism to the next level! Couples can have their fingerprints engraved and include a small message inside the rings. Some choose to stamp the date they first met while others prefer their names. We have a wide range of options here: online customization tool.

Customizer for wedding bands


Our jewellers are available online or by phone to help you choose and customize your rings.

They often work miracles to meet the couple’s tight deadlines; however, ordering in advance will allow time for any necessary adjustments.

Explore your options

Hair and makeup

Ask your friends to find people who will complement your look on the big day. Remember to book trials a few weeks before the wedding to test options and avoid disappointment.

Remember to review hair stylist and makeup artist portfolios before making your final choice. Some artists are comfortable with certain styles and not others. Your hairdresser that always does the best highlights, for example, may not be an expert in bridal updos! Your wedding day isn’t the time drag your hairdresser out of their comfort zone.


Sending your wedding invitations

We recommend sending your invitations no later than two months prior to the big day. This is especially true if you plan to invite friends and family from out of town. They will appreciate being able to book accommodations in advance. In addition, friends can make sure not to plan their vacation at the same time as your wedding.

Invitations means guest list. You still can’t agree on who and who not to invite? A great way to put a cap on the guest list—which we know can grow exponentially very quickly—is to limit it to those that the couple has met at least once before the ceremony. Obviously, it’s up to you, but make sure the list is final at least two months before the wedding!



You must take certain legal steps to ensure that your wedding is formally celebrated. If you’re working with a celebrant or a notary, they can guide you through these steps.

If you’re tying the knot abroad, remember to look into the marriage requirements for that country. Some places require accurate documentation in order to celebrate the union and it can take quite a while to obtain them.


Booking your honeymoon

If you travel often, you know that any vacation requires advanced planning. Remember to book your hotel rooms, plane tickets, and romantic activities to ensure your trip is magical!


A month before the ceremony

Usually a few days before the big day, you’ll finalize the details and communicate last-minute information to your vendors. You’ll confirm the number of guests, seating plan, and the schedule for the day.

How far along are you in planning your big day?


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