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Vowsmith custom engagement and wedding rings


Vowsmith | Apr 3, 2018 2:32:27 PM

You have seen us on social media or on the TV show Dans l'oeil du dragon and you would like to know what the Vowsmith experience, by Artisans du passage really is?

Here's what you can expect when you start a custom wedding band or engagement ring project with our team.

People first

Our specialty is not trivial: we craft custom objects that symbolize all the love you bear for your loved one. You want these objects to be durable and of premium quality, so that they can be passed on to the next generation. One thing really distinguishes us from the competition—we offer you the possibility to match your rings' designs so that they really do look alike. After all, a wedding is a personalized day in the image of your love, it's only normal for your rings to be so too.

95% of our clients are served remotely. After having sent thousands of rings by mail, we have gained the expertise to ensure you a hassle-free and unique shopping experience.

Much of our innovation lies in a Web platform that allows you to customize your rings and instantly view your creation. Technology is at the heart of our business, but only when it is used to supplement the personalized and human relationship we have with our customers.

Just like in our jewelry practice, where we fuel on innovation, our virtual presence is constant, and we make the most of the new possibilities offered by social media to support you in the best ways possible during your jewel creation process.

Despite all these modern technologies, the phone remains our preferred means of communication and we use it enthusiastically. It allows us to soak up your love story and to create wedding bands and engagement rings that reflect your needs and uniqueness. Don't be surprised if you get a call quickly after completing our form!

There is always a jeweller at the end of the line or keyboard

The person responding to your call, email, live chat, or in person at the shop is always a jeweller from our team. This allows us to accurately answer your most detailed questions and quickly evaluate the realization of your most eccentric ideas, while ensuring that you respect your budget.

We don't just resell jewelry made on the other side of the planet—we are passionate for jewelry. That passion is obvious when you see the sparkle in our eyes and hear the enthusiasm in our voice as we talk about how each ring that leaves our workshop was uniquely designed and crafted for you! We make your projects our own. Witnessing your happiness when you discover your rings is a reward that we cannot do without.



New technologies combined with ancestral jewelry techniques

We use 3D printing to accurately personalize wedding bands, engagement rings and the other jewelry we make. That is how we can perfectly reproduce your fingerprints and calligraphy. This modern and groundbreaking method of creating jewelry is combined with ancestral metal casting techniques to create unique jewelry of remarkable quality that will stand the test of time. Our forward thinking use of 3D technology has even attracted the attention of the company that developed the 3D printing technology.




Rings that are truly unique

There are many possible customization options:

  1. The addition of your fingerprint and those of your loved one's;
  2. The choice of your favourite metal alloy;
  3. The inscription of personalized words such as a love note or the date you first met, which can be engraved in your own handwriting;
  4. The adjustment of your rings' width;
  5. The choice of style (contemporary, vintage, etc.);
  6. The choice of the number and type of diamonds or gemstones;
  7. You can even provide the gold and use your grandmother's diamond to transfer the sentimental value of your heirloom jewelry.

We are renowned for our audacity. Let us know your most extravagant idea and we will very likely be able to bring it to life! Dare to tell us about your dream ring!


Telling your love stories

We are very aware that you will wear your wedding rings every day for a very long time, so in addition to being durable, they must be meaningful and reflect who you are as a couple.

We are constantly developing new ways to integrate your stories into your rings. Among other things, we can recover jewelry that has a sentimental value to you and your family to create new objects that will span generations.

We regularly integrate other family members in ring designs, by writing a small handwritten word by your children or by adding your little ones' fingerprints in the ring design.


Fingerprints and the casting of both rings

The rings created by our team are easily recognizable by the fingerprints that adorn them. This delicate and intimate touch allows to carry a little something of the loved one on oneself.

Our wedding ring sets are also cast at the same time, in the same mould, creating a single object that reflects the true meaning of the term marriage.

Will you be needing wedding rings this year? Will you be proposing this year? Or would you simply like to create a unique and symbolic ring that reflects your personality?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, contact us now and tell us about your project. It will be our pleasure to contribute to the immortalization of your love story.


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