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Vowsmith custom engagement and wedding rings

Creating customized wedding bands

Making an enlightened decision

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    Choosing customized wedding bands is a major decision, as these rings will seal your vows and become the symbol of your union. The exchange of wedding bands is a key moment of your wedding ceremony and once on your finger, these rings will stay there for the rest of your life.

    Buying the rings is therefore no easy task and must be thought through from every angle. Here are some suggestions to avoid the most common mistakes—those that had many couples grind their teeth!


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    Make it a special moment, not a chore

    You will have these customized and unique wedding rings on your finger for the rest of your life! The buying experience should therefore be as special and emotionally intense as the proposal.

    In many cases, the engagement ring is the most demanding purchase for one's wallet. It thus becomes a special jewel that will be worn on special occasions. Contrarily, the wedding band remains on your finger in your everyday life. Shouldn't such a symbolic and important object also receive the attention it deserves?

    Make the buying process a special moment for the both of you. Plan more than one day and mark those dates on your calendar—make sure you go together. Take the time to have breakfast at your favourite restaurant or to do another activity you both enjoy before going to the jeweller's shop. If you create your models online, free up some time to do it together. Avoid working on this project during coffee breaks.

    In other words, make an event out of it, one you will remember for the rest of your life. Have your wedding photographer tag along to immortalize the whole thing! Why not have a celebration with your friends at night once the choice has been made? Make sure you remember this experience as a casual and unique moment. It will become a part of your love story.



    Don't compare yourself to others

    Your goal is to find a jewel in the image of your partner and your love. Not the neighbours’. So go with a style that your better half appreciates and that also represents you. Avoid comparing size, price or style with others.

    Stay true to yourself and take the time to learn your partner's true tastes. A gleaming and extravagant jewel attracts the eyes of others, we know it well. But the only look that matters is the one in your partner's eyes when wearing the ring. Discreetly go through their jewelry box. Avoid the models they no longer wear. Ask questions to trusted people that know your partner well. They will undoubtedly be of great help.

    Start by defining your budget

    If you are planning on proposing or getting married in the near future, respecting your budget is key. Having the input of people you trust on your project is an incomparable asset. Ask your knowledgeable friends or talk to your parents. Emotions will quickly become your worst financial enemy when facing vendors, so try to stick to your budget. Small extras here and there eventually add up and poorly prepared couples end up in debt. Once you decide on a balanced budget, it should be non-negotiable in any purchasing situation. Yes, even for wedding bands...


    Five common mistakes

    1. Buying a low-end model

    You will be wearing this jewel on your finger for the rest of your life. Avoid choosing a low-end model that is of poor quality or that could end up being uncomfortable. Even if they are cheaper options, mass-produced jewels cannot be comfortable for all fingers. And the possibility of bumping into someone with the same model might draw shade on the importance of your jewel.

    2. Buying an extravagant model

    Even if your partner and yourself have creative clothing styles, the wedding band should above all fit with the engagement ring. Make an informed choice and focus on unique, but perhaps more traditional models. You can always add components over time!

    3. Not fitting the wedding band to the engagement ring

    Imagine! A wedding band that does not perfectly fit with the design of the engagement ring... These two rings should be worn on the same finger and unite to perfection. If you cannot have them crafted at the same time, bring your engagement ring to the shop at the time of ordering your wedding bands. If you are buying from the Internet, ask your questions to the manufacturer and demand clear answers.

    4. Buying the wedding bands separately

    Many prefer to use jewels that have been in the family for generations. And we understand that. However, two rings that do not match at all are not a very aesthetic choice. There are professionals who offer to use your family's rings to melt precious metals and recreate new rings to your liking! This is an original way of transferring the sentimental value of your grandmother's jewels, while getting a modern ring to your liking.

    5. Buying the wedding bands at the last minute

    Although wedding bands are the most significant symbol of marriage, their purchase is often postponed to the last minute. With so many things to take care of during wedding preparations, it is not uncommon to see a young couple rush into the first jewelry shop they see to hastily purchase their wedding bands. Take the time to choose! This type of purchase comes with a thought process that might require weeks, so get a head start.



    Customized rings to your image

    Customization above all! The vast majority of rings on the market are made from moulds and the same model is replicated thousands of times. Since you will be wearing this ring every day, choose one that is in your image and select customized wedding bands. 

    The word "customized" appears synonymous of expensive or even overpriced. This is a largely preconceived idea. When considering the purchase of a designer ring, a good part of the amount paid is precisely to support the brand, sometimes even to the detriment of quality. Professional jewellers can adapt to your financial needs, while offering an invaluable and unique object.

    Additionally, you will take part in the creating process, hence avoiding resellers that have mastered the art of emotional manipulation. You will benefit from a trusting relationship with the jeweller, which is greatly appreciated by less experienced couples who would like to be guided through every step of the design process of their personalized wedding bands.

    Should you buy online or from a store?

    Today, the traditional marriage market is twinned with that of technology. In the case of personalized wedding rings, this is a very positive change.

    Avoid purchasing your wedding bands from well-known online sales platforms. Their affordable prices rarely prove to be a guarantee of satisfaction. 

    The web makes it possible for professional jewellers to distribute their creations everywhere around the globe. This is greatly appreciated by couples looking for a personalized ring, but who do not live in the vicinity of big cities.

    Online shopping also makes it possible to avoid hard selling techniques. You can simply take the time to review each model in the comfort of your home. Obviously, it is preferable to opt for a company that also offers a telephone service with the jeweller, and whose communication policy is not strictly limited to email. This contact, more human, will help you get the answer to your questions and to establish a relationship of trust with the jeweller.

    The most important thing is to choose trusted companies that offer a personalized service, just like the one you would get if you were there in person, no matter the distance. For everything else, the steps remain the same. Often, this will help you respect your budget while allowing you to get unique and irreplaceable customized wedding bands.


    Five frequently asked questions to jewellers

    How much should I spend on wedding bands?

    Have you taken the time to think about a budget? The price of wedding bands, just like that of the engagement ring, should be adapted to your budget. The best way to go about it is to decide on the budget with your partner. If that is impossible—as would be in the case of a secret purchase—you should take the time to thoroughly think it through. Your discussions about a budget should involve issues including the choice of metals, gemstones and engravings, but also the after-sales service, such as cleaning and adjustments. That's right, finger size changes over time!

    Unfortunately, there isn't really a precise price chart. If, however, you want to compare yourself to the Canadian average, Weddingbells conducted a survey and questioned Canadian brides and grooms. In 2015, the average cost of a wedding in Canada was $30 717 and a budget of $2490 was dedicated to wedding rings.

    How do we find out our finger size?

    A rather simple question to which almost everyone ignores the answer. The ideal scenario would be to visit a professional jeweller and to take the measurements together. But, if you are well prepared and want to order the ring before the proposal ... there is a solution! Here are some tips:

    Start by trying to subtly get your hand on a ring that your partner wears often, but not every day. Do not choose a ring that is too old, or that they only wear a few times a month. The fact that this ring has a privileged place in your partner's jewelry box does not mean that it is properly adjusted to their finger. It could simply be a family heirloom with a strong symbolic meaning.

    Once you manage to grab a hold of the ring, bring it to the nearest jewelry store! Are you afraid to get caught? You can also note in which one of your fingers the ring fits and have this finger measured.

    Another option is to download and print a measurement template on which there are circles against which you can compare your existing ring to determine its size. Some smartphone applications also exist.

    Fortunately, there are professional jewellers that can send measuring kits by mail, allowing you to take measurements at home. A practical and reliable solution to have the right information. It is even possible to have a professional jeweller evaluate the size of a ring by providing its diameter, its weight and a photograph.

    In any case, if you are measuring your finger size directly on your finger, you should measure it at different times throughout the day. The most important thing to remember is that the perfect size will be the one offering a slight resistance when passing the finger joint.

    Can a ring be adjusted after it is crafted?

    The answer is YES!

    All jewellers worthy of the name include an adjustment option in the price, in case it would be necessary. If you are denied this adjustment, bring your ring to real professionals who will solve the problem for you.

    Do the rings have to be ordered a long time in advance?

    How much in advance? The ring can always be crafted in a rush time frame with an extra charge, but isn't a wedding ring an object you would rather take the time for?

    Be ahead of time. If the jewel itself normally takes a few weeks to be crafted, making your final decision can take a lot more. Offer yourself the peace of mind and plan ahead of time as much as possible. By doing so, you give yourself ample time to design customized wedding bands that will suit your taste.

    Who buys wedding rings?

    The infamous question to which there is no single answer. Wedding bands can be ordered at the same time as the engagement ring. But most of the time, people wait for after the proposal, which is understandable. This also allows you to choose your wedding bands with your partner and to transform this moment into a memorable event. Isn't that the best option?



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